Friday, May 06, 2005

The White Box Robotics PC-BOT Manifesto

White Box Robotics was founded in 2000 to give the mobile robotics industry a hard shove forward. We want to give enthusiasts a radical tool that breaks down walls and allows people to build advanced mobile robots. Our mission is to develop mobile robotic platforms that empower people by eliminating the difficult learning curve associated with building these machines. Our focus is to create and develop PC-BOTs- plug-and-play robots created almost entirely from off-the-shelf computer parts. This technology allows anyone with a rudimentary understanding of assembling or upgrading PCs to build this new species of robot. The 9-series PC-BOT is a standard for the world which allows us to focus our energies on a common platform.

We are all pioneers, daredevils, and evangelists for this movement. As a community we have the privilege of changing the very fabric of society…just like the early PC enthusiasts did in the 1970s. We have the opportunity to improve the quality of people’s lives through robotics. We will actively contribute to this amazing future where robots will be a part of our everyday existence…assisting the elderly, providing companionship, and protecting the innocent.

If you are reading this, chances are you understand that White Box Robotics is about sharing a common passion for these wonderful machines. The 9-series isn’t merely a cold conglomeration of sheet metal and electronics. It’s a companion we’ve longed to know all our lives. It’s a living thing…the fruit of a labor of love.
It’s about the turn of the wrench, the feel of the screwdriver in your hand…working with earthly elements- copper, steel, silver, lead, and oil that is this spectacular machine. It’s about manipulating these materials in such a way to create life. You lovingly build this modern machine and watch it live, move, interact with the world. For just an intoxicating second it takes you somewhere else. You feel shifted…suspended, briefly glancing twenty-five years into the future. Somehow you’ve had the privilege to build a machine that feels so miracously alive! This is the empowering gift we wish to give. This is what we mean when we invite you to Dream in White.

We will always make sure that White Box Robotics does its part by consistently developing world-class platforms and accessories. This platform…this robot is not the end of five years of passionate development- it is merely the beginning. One robot in a series of many…ever evolving…the product of the dreams of the many.

Our hope is to fuse the talents of two mighty communities- PC enthusiasts and robotics enthusiasts- into one empowered driving force. This community is comprised of talent diverse as the technology itself- mechanical engineers, scientists, researchers, hackers, modders, electrical engineers, software engineers, and enthusiasts the world over. By joining forces we have the opportunity to birth an industry. We will all work together and mountains will move.

Challenge yourself in more rewarding directions and BE the change you want to see. I believe we can change the world one robot at a time.